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Protecting you, your family and your assets

How best to transfer your (im)movable assets to your family? How do you go about not harming any of your children or favouring any of them? What to expect if you have married several times? How to transfer the shares of your company or business to your children or only one of them? How much inheritance tax is awaiting your heirs? Do you have to make a will? How best to legally structure the purchase of your second home in Belgium or abroad? 

We provide a clear, effective and appropriate response to all these questions.


Total independence

Before acting, thg Patrimonia will listen to you carefully. Only then can we identify the sensitive issues and formulate clear recommendations. We will guide you in your administrative procedures with a lawyer, a notary, your bank or your insurance agent. We will be working in total independence and defend your interests firmly and with diplomacy.

Our services:

  • Advice on succession planning, even with cross-border elements (registered or unregistered gifts, business transfers, succession and wills, declarations of succession, etc.)
  • Analysis of the legal, tax and financial aspects linked to the management of your (in)tangible assets (in collaboration with other thg experts).
  • Advice relating to matrimonial property regimes, even with cross-border elements (marriage contracts, adaptations, cohabitation, separation, divorce)
  • Advice related to the protection of vulnerable and disabled persons.


- Don't forget to plan your succession because "nothing should be left to chance". (H.-F. Amiel)


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Our local offices

With over ten offices in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, thg is well-established. This territorial coverage ensures a maximum of trust and efficiency. Find your local office!

Our management

The managers of thg have deliberately opted for close-to-the-customer service capabilities. That’s why we have a wide network of offices located in the main cities of the French- and German-speaking part of Belgium as well as in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Each office can leverage upon internal and external experts in all areas of modern company management. Our management is at the customer's side.

Our clients
thg is a medium-sized accounting and tax firm serving more than 2,500 clients locally and internationally. Are you a free-lancer, at the head of a start-up or an executive of a company active on the domestic or international market? At thg, we understand your business issues and share your daily reality, whatever it may be. Whether they are big or small, local or international - we serve our customers with care and foresight.
Our values, our philosophy
At thg, client satisfaction is always our ultimate goal. We analyse our client's situation and help solving their business issues with added-value advise tailored to each specific situation. Our motivation is to provide you high quality services and to establish a reliable relationship based on respect and trust. With caution and foresight, we always have an eye on your goals.
A success story since 1983
Joseph Faymonville created his fiduciary in 1983 in his region of origin, on the border between Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany. Today thg has more than 150 highly qualified employees and about 20 external partners. We are established in all the big cities of Wallonia as well as in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 2500 clients benefit from our wide range of services. More about our history.