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Our company and our website

This privacy policy applies to each of the entities belonging to the thg group. Each entity is a separate and independent legal entity, so this Privacy Policy applies to each of them separately. Consequently, none of the entities is liable for the acts or omissions of the other entities.


The entities belonging to the thg group are: thg Bruxelles; thg Louvain-la-Neuve; thg Namur; thg Liège; thg Luxembourg; thg Eupen; thg Verviers; thg Malmedy; thg Marche-en-Famenne; thg St-Vith; thg Cofiges Namur; thg IP Solutions; thg Human Resources (Luxemburg); thg Human Resources (Belgien); thg Consulting; thg Patrimonia; thg German Desk; thg Support; thg Services; JPM & Partners.


When we refer to "our web site" in this policy, we mean web pages with a URL beginning with https://www.thg.