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Data collection – 1. purpose: customer and business management

In the course of our activities, we collect or obtain personal data about you. We obtain this personal data either directly from you or from a third party (for example, your employer, your advisors, public authorities, etc.). In addition, some of your personal data is publicly accessible.


You will find below the data that we process, the reasons why we process them (the different purposes of processing) and finally the different legal bases that justify these data processing.

1. Purpose: customer and business management

What data?

Identification and contact data

Name ; First name ; Age ; Date of birth, Sex ; National register or social security affiliation number ; E-mail address ; Telephone or mobile phone number ; Home address ; Country of residence ; etc.

Family status

Marital status; Your dependants; etc.

Financial identification

Data Bank account number; Account details; Credit history; Credit references; etc.

Financial, patrimonial and fiscal information

Your sources of income; Your tax residence; etc.

Professional information

Your company; Title/Function; Department; etc.

Government and other official identification numbers

Social Security number Tax identification number or any other identification number issued by a government.

Who is concerned?

  • Our customers;
  • Our prospects (only identification and contact data);
  • Our customers' employees, if applicable.


  • Ensure effective communication with you and/or our customers: some of your personal data allows us simply to communicate with you. Please note that this correspondence data may, in compliance with the relevant legal provisions, be shared with other members of the thg network, with our service providers or with the competent public authorities;
  • Completion of our missions / provision of our services: some of your personal data are essential to the accomplishment of our various missions;
  • Keep you informed about our new services or other existing services: thg network members can use the data you provide to present services that match your profile and interests. If you are already a thg network customer, we may, unless you object, use your personal data to contact you for commercial purposes.
  • Management of our accounting and invoicing;
  • To respect our legal and ethical obligations: for example, as accountants, the law requires us to collect a whole series of information concerning you in order to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. Please note that a privacy policy regarding compliance with legal obligations in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing is provided to each of our potential clients during the pre-contractual phase;
  • To respond to requests from the competent control authorities;
  • To ensure effective communication with our professional advisers, intervening where necessary on your behalf, such as lawyers, notaries and others.
  • To protect our rights and those of our clients in the event of litigation.

On what legal basis?

  • The processing of some of your personal data is necessary for the fulfilment of a contract concluded between you and an entity of the thg group or for the fulfilment of pre-contractual steps in order to offer you our services.
  • Legal, ethical or regulatory obligations impose it on us. For example, we are sometimes required by law or ethics to process your personal data in order to fulfill our obligations to "know your customer" and to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Similarly, when the processing is necessary for the performance of our obligations under labour law or social security.