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Protect and value

Long before they bring a product or service to market, many companies have often already created valuable capital in the form of intellectual property. For many industries, intellectual property is their most important asset, alongside their employees. The European Commission rightly calls intellectual property "the backbone of a competitive European economy".

Recent studies confirm this assessment. Accordingly, companies that manage their intellectual property rights generate more revenue per employee than those that do not; they have more highly qualified employees who are generally better off financially.  This applies in particular to small and medium-sized companies.

When it comes to the protection, enforcement, evaluation and tax benefits of intellectual property rights, our team supports its clients as a professional and practice-oriented IP partner - in the Benelux and in the international environment. As a medium-sized firm, personal advice and support is very important to us; we act with foresight and are always solutions-oriented.

Our experts will be happy to provide you with professional support in

  • cost-efficient filing and registration of trademarks, designs, copyrights, trade secrets or Internet   domains and their sustainable management
  • carrying out IP-related audits and due diligence
  • valuation of intellectual property rights or their enforcement against counterfeiters and product piracy
  • applying for IP-related subsidies or obtaining IP related tax benefits. 

Your data need protection

Although often ignored by the public, data protection laws have existed for a long time. The emergence of Big Data and the digital economy has prompted the European legislator to adopt a more differentiated regulation that maximally harmonises the relevant regulations: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU's general data protection regulation (GDPR) stipulates that companies of all sizes, administrations and public service bodies that collect personal data from individuals in the European Union must review their data management approaches in order to avoid high penalties and negative effects on their reputation.

Our services

Against this background, our team provides its clients with a specialized team to advise and support them in their compliance processes. In fact, thg offers you an extensive range of services relating to the protection of personal data:

  •  Audits to assess GDPR compliance
  •  Advise on the protection of personal data
  •  Drafting and reviewing of all relevant legal documents (privacy policies, data protection notices, general terms of use, cookies policies, agreements, data processing agreements, ....
  •  Consulting on IT and network security
  •  Services of data protection officer
  •  Transfer of personal data to third countries outside the EEA
  •  Due Diligence in the area of data protection, e.g. in the context of M&A.

Why us?

As a firm of human size, we are aware of the difficulties SMEs may have in dealing with all these problems related to the protection of personal data. It is therefore our philosophy to adapt our interventions to the size and peculiarities of your company.

If you are a private individual, our team is the ideal partner to enforce your rights against those responsible for data processing and/or supervisory authorities.

Our specialists have the necessary knowledge, training and certifications to support and advise you in your compliance efforts.

In addition, our combined expertise in all other areas such as e-commerce, intellectual property, unfair business practices or consumer protection makes us competent contacts who can adapt to your specific needs. Our global vision is a great advantage.

Quality, prudence & foresight

Each member of our team fully adheres to the values and the philosophy of thg. Quality and reliability as well as prudence and foresight are all part of our DNA. This allows our clients to focus on their core business and in all circumstances, to stay ahead of the events. The quality of our work contributes to the security and prosperity of your activity.

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